Venture capitals of Islamic countries in the field of innovations

Venture capitals of Islamic countries in the field of innovations

Mahdi Safarnia, head of Pardis technology park stated: D-8 information transfer and exchange has initiated its activities since 2012 after obtaining permission in the third meeting of industry minister of D-8 countries, and has performed many activities to increase technological cooperation with member states of D-8. Secretariat of this network is responsible for creating an appropriate foundation for cooperation between technologists of member countries. In addition, several meetings on various technological topics are held by this organization.

He continued: one of the current issues of the innovative world is venture capitals. In this regard, many units have been created and grown in Islamic countries with the mentioned title. Therefore, the secretariat of this network will hold the first meeting of a series of technological investment meetings of D-8 with the topic of “venture capitals” in October 2017.

Regarding the main goals of this meeting, Safarnia affirmed: familiarization with venture capitals of Islamic countries, evaluation of current investment models in innovation and management of investors in venture capitals are the major purposes of this event, and we hope that agreements be made on this topic between organizations.

He also mentioned: we have aimed to hold further meetings in the presence of new innovative companies and active investors of member countries and create an environment for introduction of investment opportunities in innovations among Muslim countries.

Secretary of technology transfer and exchange of D-8 expressed his hope regarding obtaining the goals of this event and performing the planed programs, which will have positive effects on venture capitals of the country.


It is worth mentioning that venture capitals can register for panels and workshops of this event by referring to the website of



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